In 2007 Greg Feste founded Rezilient Direct, the first online supplemental insurance company offering a wide range of products that can be directly purchased from the Rezilient Direct website.

Greg Feste and the start of Rezilient Direct

Greg Feste is the current CEO, and Founder of Rezilient Direct. In 2007, Greg Feste was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia. He also had a supplemental insurance policy at the time that ended up covering many out of pocket expenses that Mr. Feste’s major medical insurance policy would not cover. This inspired Greg to start Rezilient Direct.


At this time there were no other websites that a person could go to and buy a supplemental insurance policy directly. This is where Rezilient Direct came in, as the first online supplemental insurance provider. Since treatment, Greg Feste has been in remission. Mr. Feste has  made it his mission to make supplemental insurance policies easily, and readily available to everyone.