Join Rezilient Direct and become part of the new worksite paradigm offering supplemental benefits online directly to your customers.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING. INCREASE PRODUCTION NOW. The supplemental Insurance business is changing and now more than ever it’s critical agents understand the trend that is coming. Just as major medical insurance has transitioned online our industry is moving in the same direction. Get ahead of the curve. Companies are shying away from offering supplemental insurance by traditional methods and moving toward online transactions due to the burdens of payroll deductions, group meetings, cafeteria plans and other factors. Throw in health care reform and the millions of employees being pushed to the health care exchanges and Rezilient Direct takes front and center.

REZILIENT DIRECT’S POWERFUL PLATFORM. Our platform allows employees to be enrolled on your personal laptop without all the hassles of traditional enrollment. Once you receive a commitment from your client then you decide the best method to conduct your enrollment meetings. Most companies will allow you to have small meetings then follow up with the necessary enrollment days. Our platform allows you to enroll your customers directly online via telephone, personal enrollment meetings or you can allow your customers to enroll themselves with the help of our online support.
NATIONWIDE COVERAGE. 24/7. Our products are available in 49 states plus the District of Columbia and can be accessed 24/7. Rezilient Direct provides all the communication tools to reach your customer base as well as the tools through our website for customers to service their policies directly through our carrier partners after the sale. It’s simple to set up. You will receive an agent log in and use this number when enrolling or give it to your customers for them to self-enroll. You will have direct access to each carriers' site and commissions are paid directly to you. You can actually be increasing your volume while you’re sleeping or vacationing!

Contact Greg Feste 512 355-7692 for detailed information. 

Go Rezilient and Go Direct….

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