No more hassle with payroll deductions. Your employees can go Direct! All the benefits without the headaches.

BOTTOM LINE.  Rezilient Direct has revolutionized the distribution of supplemental benefits at the workplace.

EASE OF USE. Rezilient Direct’s powerful platform allows our agents to enroll countless employees on a laptop with the ease of online functionality. The need for payroll deductions, cafeteria plans or time consuming filings are gone.

WIN. WIN. Employees pay their premiums directly from their own bank account or credit cards removing all responsibilities from the company. No more burden on Human Resources departments. Rezilient Direct provides all communication elements of a traditional enrollment process without the hassles. Employees can even self-enroll from the comfort of their homes with assistance from our customer service agents.

SIMPLE SOLUTION. To discover how easy it is and how your employees' lives can be changed, contact a company representative. 

Contact Greg Feste 512 355-7692 for detailed information.

Go Rezilient and Go Direct…

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