We all have questions about the products and services we use in our everyday lives. The information below will address the most common questions concerning supplemental insurance. Our hope is that these answers will provide the peace of mind we all seek when considering valuable protection against life's uncertainties. Of course, you are welcome to live chat or to call one of our representatives on our toll-free line, if you need further clarification.  We deeply appreciate your interest in Rezilient Direct, and we look forward to serving your needs.

Why do you need Supplemental Health Insurance?

Rezilient Direct supplies you and your family a vitally important safety net in the event of a major illness or accident. Supplemental insurance policies have saved literally thousands of families from financial ruin. The fact is, approximately 62% of bankruptcies are caused by unpaid medical expenses. The good news is supplemental policies offered through Rezilient Direct are unbelievably affordable and maybe the most cost effective policies in the industry!

What to consider when choosing Supplemental Health Insurance:

Supplemental health insurance makes sense in a variety of situations.  Below are five simple questions to ask yourself when considering Supplemental Insurance.  If you answer YES to any of these questions, you are a good candidate and should consider obtaining supplemental health insurance.

  • Are you currently covered under an employer based health plan?
  • Do you currently get your insurance through any of the health care exchanges?
  • Are you underinsured or without any insurance at all?
  • Did you accept a job that doesn’t provide full medical or supplemental coverage for you or your family?
  • If an accident, emergency or the expense of a critical disease arise, will it deplete your hard earned savings?

What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplemental health insurance is a specific type of insurance policy designed to cover the gaps that your traditional insurance plan may have due to out-of-pocket expenses such as co-insurance, deductibles, co-payments, drugs or treatments your health plan won’t cover.

Those who should consider Supplemental Health Insurance:

  • People who are uninsured
  • People who are self-employed
  • People who cannot afford traditional medical insurance
  • Families with children
  • People unprepared to handle lost wages due to time off work from illness or injury
  • People who do not have access to group health insurance
  • People with a high deductible on their traditional health insurance
  • People financially unprepared to handle large medical bills


Now it’s quick to get a quote and sign up online, never having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you get your benefits from your workplace, you will no longer have to endure long and boring enrollment meetings, payroll deductions or pushy sales people who pressure you into something you don’t want. If you’re purchasing coverage outside your place of employment, you don’t have to wait for several agents to call you after completing your form and hassle with what all that process involves. With Rezilient Direct, just click today and you’re covered tomorrow.


Just 3 easy steps, less than 5 minutes, and only a few simple questions, you can be covered in as little as 24 hours. You can access your policy online in addition to receiving it through the mail.


For less than $1.00 a day, less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can have the comfort of knowing that if something happens to you or your family, you are covered. Secure when you sign up, you can rest assured we will be there when you need us. Plus, all of our carriers have excellent financial ratings.


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